Who Am I

About me, what I do it and why I do it

A stress-free mind, a disease-free body, an inhibition-free intellect, a trauma-free memory and a sorrow-free soul is the birthright of every human being. We should dream of this big dream, and make it possible.
— H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Who am I


Since it's no accident you landed here, I'm guessing you might know a little bit about me already.  If not, welcome to my world of wellness. My repertoire consists of part spiritual rebel (so I've been told) + healer + educator + explorer + story teller + writer + creator + cultivator and seeker of light.

Being true to my given name, Navdeep; which literally translates into “new-light” is what I bring into my work, the life of my clients and community. My work as a healer and holistic wellness educator is based in my ancestral knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation woven with new age skills of Life Coaching.  My journey began when I found myself  immersed in books on healing, travel, astronomy and nature as a child and mixing up herbal remedies in my mother's kitchen. My curiosity to regain my families indigenous healing practices took me back to India, where I found my spiritual path and Ayurveda. With the blessings of my teacher His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar I created Navi Gill Wellness to provide education on holistic health, reclaim & share the wisdom of Ayurveda and to revive the practice of rituals amongst women of colour. A primary focus of my practice is to decolonize wellness by creating community and accessibility to ancestral wisdom for people of colour.

I am a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and body worker, Yoga teacher and Life Skills Coach, trained in ancient Ayurvedic bodywork including Marma Chikitsa therapy and foundational Panchakarma therapies. I believe that we already possess the medicine within us to deeply heal ourselves, it has become my dharma to explore the efforts of generations before me and offer the teachings authentically to those in search of light.

When I am not in Vancouver teaching, consulting, and manifesting light my inquisitive soul is globe trekking. Most likely in India with a spicy cup of chai, where I find the flowers of my soul to grow most beautiful.

If you are curious about meeting yourself and cultivating a healthier life rooted in holistic + natural healing, Ayurveda yoga, meditation, love, empowerment, acceptance, awareness and boundless joy, lets connect.