Branch & Bone Medicine Show Episode with Navi Gill Wellness

A candid chat with my dear friend Lola Venado on her Branch & Bone Medicine Show where we speak about my journey into wellness, Ayurveda, life with a Guru, what it means to be a woman of colour in the world of wellness, decolonizing medicine and more.

About Lola Venado

Lola Venado is a Sacramento folk herbalist, energy worker, writer, speaker, and community gatherer. An ally to the wild sacred, she believes in honoring ancestral rituals and remedies and the medicine and magik they can bring into our everyday lives.

"Born with river blood, magic bones, and a moonlit heart. California roots. Vacilando spirit. Mother. Maker. Word forager. Energy guide. Botanical bruja. I am a practitioner and forever student of folk medicine and magik. Botanical bruja is a title I created in 2016 as an alternative way of identifying myself as a folk herbalist plant witch, while giving reverence to my heritage. When not traveling in my van to pray at the altars of forest, river, and ocean, Iā€™m connecting with community through skill shares, ceremony, and story, cultivating a modern practice integrating the old medicine ways of my mixed bloodlines."- Lola Venado

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