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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Spirit

This season and the end of the year end come with a flurry of high energy and emotions, some welcomed and others not so much. To support our well being through the festive season I put together the Ultimate 2018 Holiday gift guide for the spirit, with gifts for the self that go beyond the holidays.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Well.

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Ayurvedic Self Care for Spring Szn

Spring has been playing games this year so as we wait for it to cooperate I wanted to throw some Ayurveda wisdom your way. Spring is a season of abundance, joyfulness and playfulness and with the right self care ritual in place you can make this Spring a healthy and vibrant one too. Understand the Ayurvedic properties of the Spring Season, what to look for in our food choices and daily routines, including a handy self care daily rituals + intention setting guide.

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