My Wellness Offerings

Whether you are just stepping into the world of wellness or have been on the journey for some time and seeking deeper understanding of ancient wisdom, I offer something for each part of your journey.  Find out more about my Ayurwellness Consulting, wellness workshops, treatments, and more below.


Ayurwellness Consulting

Through the healing science of Ayurveda I help you discover and implement a daily routine unique to your body and lifestyle. Each Ayurwellness Consultation comes with a personalized doshic wellness plan rooted in holistic Ayurvedic practices and remedies to help you address current concerns and changes you would like to implement for a healthier life, naturally!

ayurveda treatments

 Ancient Ayurveda therapies are profoundly healing and help to resolve many of our current health challenges. Through my training with Sri Sri Ayurveda for Marma Therapy and foundational Panchakarma therapies I am currently offering Marma Therapy and external Basti  treatments for pain management, healing, rejuvenation and relaxation for the mind, body and spirit.


Yoga & meditation

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certified, I offer group and private classes, workshops and Ayurvedic Yoga education. Through a combination of ancient breathing techniques, healing chanting, asanas, knowledge and meditation I help you to slow down, spend time with yourself and experience a meditative state of being with a joyful and open heart that you can carry off the mat and into your daily life.

workshops & speaking

I offer specialized workshops on various health topics through the lens of Ayurveda. My goal is to help people understand this ancient wisdom deeper, see how it is applicable to our lives today and how to implement this comprehensive healing to your current lifestyle. Workshops can be customized and are suitable for anyone looking to understand and integrate Ayurveda,holistic healing into their lives.


Every person desires to have an outlet to express their emotions, a place without judgment, without personal agendas but full of openness and connection. As a Certified Life Skills coach I offer group sessions and workshops to help facilitate your desired change in a safe and open environment. The right environment can help us better navigate our own depths and bloom.