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Marma Therapy

Marma therapy is a form of Ayurvedic body work that works to clear blocked energy and release trauma from the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body by stimulating points corresponding to different energy centers of the body.  In Sanskrit Marma translates to hidden or secret and it is a "juncture on the body where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints" or where consciousness meets matter.


Marma Session

Each session is 45 minutes of Marma followed by a rest period of up to 30 minutes.  Marma therapy is incredibly gentle, safe and offers immense benefits such as:

  • Relief from chronic or acute pain, both locally and distally
  • Detoxification at all levels.
  • Significant improvement in bodily/organ functions, especially immunity, digestive, respiratory, neural & psychological
  • Healthier skin and a radiant appearance
  • Balances body temperature and can balance the doshas
  • Releases neuro-chemicals such as serotonin, melatonin for improved cognitive function and deeper sleep




Basti in Sanskrit means to "retain something inside", it is a profoundly deep acting Ayurvedic therapy used to heal and treat chronic pain caused by accumulation of Vata dosha . This treatment is performed by creating a ring made from special gram/ urad flour paste and placing it on different areas of the body such as lower back  (Kati Basti), heart (Hridya Basti), knees (Janu Basti), eyes (Netra Basti) and bathing the area in warm/ medicated oils or ghee (clarified butter).  Basti helps oils to penetrate deeply through the skin, nourishing tissues and nerves, lubricating joints to relieve pain, inflammation, soreness, and tension in the body while restoring flexibility